The incredibly popular anime series Frieren: Beyond Journey's End is taking the world by storm, and what better way to celebrate both the anime and the passage of time by ringing in the New Year with Nendoroids of both Frieren herself and Fern!

The figure itself is a cute yet faithful rendition of the thousand-year mage herself, with plenty of accessories and interchangeable parts like her iconic staff and her stoic, expressionless face. 

Fern also comes with her own collection of objects and parts, such as her own staff as well. Her bold, purple eyes are brilliantly colored and match her captivating purple hair perfectly, all the while with her black jacket and white dress underneath.

Frieren also comes with her iconic suitcase, and her twintails with their own range of movement so that you can display her as if she's looking at with the wind blowing! This also works especially well with her outfits and the way it seems like it flows in the breeze.

With her additional parts and joints as well, Fern can be put in a wide variety of poses and can recreate plenty of scenes from the anime, such as when she casts her spells. Her hair, while not dynamic like Frieren's, can still take the appearance as if it's being slightly blown!

As is the case with many Nendoroid figures, plenty of different hand parts are included to help each figure recreate or perform certain actions and poses! Paired with her grimoire, Frieren can look as if she's flipping through each page!

Both figures come with a variety of different facial plates as well to change between different expressions. Fern, for example, comes with this faceplate featuring her mouth slightly open, as well as a pouting face as well.

Frieren comes with her neutral face, in addition to a smug face featuring an ever-so-slight smile, and an adorable chibi face with her eyes closed and an adorable-shaped mouth. This one pairs especially well with her finger-touching hand pose!

When paired with the pouting face, Fern can also hold her bread accessory, allowing anybody to display her in the middle of an adorable bread-eating session! Both Frieren's above pose and this one can add an element of fun and silliness to the otherwise serious and melancholic atmosphere of the series.

Additionally, Frieren gets not one, but two Blue-moon weed themed accessories! One representing a field of the flowers she can be posed floating over like in the show, and the other a standalone flower that she can hold.

Fern herself also comes with an additional comb accessory, so even the most casual and charming poses can be displayed with both figures! Whether you decide to recreate scenes or just enjoy each character in small and poignant ways, the possibilities are endless with these two Nendoroid figures!

Both Nendoroid Frieren and Nendoroid Fern are available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until February 14th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of July 2024! Make timeless memories by adding this magical duo to your figure collection!

Written by Staff GSC

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