Shop Operations & Contact

Q. Do you have live chat support?


Unfortunately, we do not have any live chat support services at this moment.

Q. I have a question about GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP.


The global online shop ( is operated by Good Smile Company, and this online shop is operated by Good Smile Europe.

Therefore we cannot provide any support about Good Smile Online Shop from our side, so please contact to Good Smile Company via their support site.

Q. What are the available languages?


We would like you to communicate with us in English; however, we can accept German and French.

Other languages may be accepted in some cases; however, they will take longer days and might cause communication errors.

Q. What are the available payment methods?


At this moment, we accept payment via PayPal. As long as you have eligible Paypal account, you can choose payment methods via their service, such as credit cards and bank transfer.

Q. I have a defective product.


Regarding issues about products, please ask to Good Smile Company's customer support here:

Even if you purcahsed from our Online Shop, inquires about delivered products (except of cancels which ruled in the Refund Policy) will be handled by Good Smile Company's customer support.

When you submit the form, please prepare purchasing evidences (such as confirmation e-mail and/or invoice), then your case will be handled as same as other official online shops.


Q. How my preorders works?


  1. When you click "Pre-order" and submit your required credentials, we receive your pre-order and put your quantity into our production queue.You will not pay anything at this time, and actual additional costs, such as shipping costs or VAT, do not appear.At this moment, as your pre-orders are not listed on your account, please be careful to keep pre-order confirmation email.
  2. Once the product is ready, you will receive notification email with payment instruction.You can find additional costs (such as VAT and/or shipping costs) through the process instructed.
  3. When you complete credential submitting and payment process, then we place your order into the shipment queue.It will be shipped within a couple of business days.
  4. The deadline for the payment procedure is generally 2 weeks. If you missed the deadline, your pre-ordered item will be returned to our inventory and will not be kept anymore. After that time, ny customer (including you) can purchase from our inventory.

Q. When is the product ready?


Please refer to 'Specification' section in each products' page.

In case the delivery is delayed or moved forward from estimated, we will inform at Information.

Q. Can I check preorders I placed?


As described above, currently you cannot find your pre-orders on your account page, so we strongly recommend you to keep the confirmation e-mail.

Insteadly, you may find a link in the confirmation e-mail or from here, you can access pre-order portal page. After 2-step authentication with your email address that which registered at the pre-order, you can find your pre-orders on the portal.

Q. Is my previous preorder which placed in beta-open (in 2022) still valid?


Of course yes. Your previous preorder is still valid, and you may check it via the confirmation e-mail and/or pre-order portal as avobe.

Q. How is my previous preorder which placed at Japan Expo 2022?


The problems are solved finally, so their fulfillment will be started soon. You will receive invoice for those orders, and you can make payment for them. In case if you want to cancel that preorder, please contact us via form when you received the invoice. (24th Jan. Update)

They will be handled at the grand opening of our Online Shop, and you will get almost the same procedure as normal pre-orders described above.

We feel truly sorry about this situation.

Q. Can I get preorder bonuses?


We are still working on the way how to reflect the bonus informations to our online shop, however generally you will receive bonuses as same as announced on the global online shop ( unless specified otherwise.

If you purchase from our inventory (not pre-ordered), we do not guarantee about bonus items. We may include them if we have enough numbers in our inventory, however we may run short of them in same cases.

Q. Can multiple preorders (and/or inventory sales) combined at shipment?


Unfortunately no.

We feel sorry about your inconvenience, however due to system restrictions we can only deal preorders individually.

Payment and Shipment

Q. Shall I pay importing costs?


Generally, the place of shipment is Luxembourg or Netherlands, and we may ship from other EU countries in rare cases.
  1. If you are in EU residence, you will not owe to pay any importing costs, according to the EUCU.
  2. If you are non-EU European residence (such as UK, Switherland, or Norway), you may owe to pay importing fees. We will ship with usual and duly way, so it depends on custom-house of your country.

Q. How is the shipping costs?


The shipping cost is charged at Check Out.

The rate may vary for some exceptions (such as a huge product) but usually it is EUR 15 or less for all European countries (excl. islands districts). We may also offer economic shipment rate with lower price. Our shipping rate are not yet defined but it should follow the shipping rate generally found in most e-commerce within EU.

Q. Shall I pay VAT?


Yes. VAT is calculated at Check Out, based on your residence country. 

As described above, you will pay at import custom clearance instead of at check-out (via the courier service) if you are non-EU European residence.

Q. What kind of payment methods are available?


Currently we are using PayPal payments on our shop. You can use your PayPal account (including your PayPal credit), or just using your credit cards as guest.

Q. My parcel seems to be sent to wrong city.


Due to constraints of courier's tracking system, we know some shipping destination do not appear correctly. In those cases, the destination may be displayed as relaying locations, tentative destinations, or representative cities in your region.

As our shipping instructions are generated automatically based on shipping information you submitted, your parcel will be sent correctly regardless to "Destination" city on the tracking system.