It might be cold outside, but that doesn't mean we can't get nice and cozy inside; and what better way to keep warm than with good company and warm, delicious food? Thankfully, the newest iteration of Snow Miku is here to bring both!

This yea's Snow Miku takes inspirations from the rich food culture during Hokkaido's cold winters. The design itself was voted on among a number of user-submitted designs, taking first place as 2024's Snow Miku design! Her dress takes on a chef or baker's apron appearance, with little vegetable motifs across it and a comfy, warm aesthetic. She also has brown boots on, food-shaped pins, and ribbons all over!

No Nendoroid is complete without additional, removeable parts and accessories, and this year's Snow Miku is no different! Her rabbit sidekick, Yukine, is here as well, dressed as an adorable chef ready to help Miku out in preparing her winter delicacies. For her accessories, she can be posed with a bowl of soup curry (a Hokkaido specialty!), a spoon, a silver cloche, and a menu! Her expression can also be changed between a classic smile, a cheerful open-mouthed expression, and of course, a satisfied eating face!

The detail on this Nendoroid is absolutely breathtaking as well, with little motifs and aspects of the figure making a huge impact. Her dress, for example, is painted and sculpted with attention to even the smallest patterns, like the vegetables and checkered pattern on her robe, in addition to the layers underneath poking out, Her translucent, icy hair is incredibly eye-catching, with little snowflakes and the blue gradient adding a deeper wintery-feel to the figure as a whole. Coupled with the spoon-and-fork hairclips and food apron pins, it blends perfectly with the food theming of the figure.

The detail extends to even the back of the figure, with little ribbons and frills adorning her outfit and her braided twin-tails seemingly given attention to each individual part. Her eyes also match the coloring of her hair, altogether creating a wonderful, comfy winter feel when paired with the warm browns of her outfit. Even the ribbon on her head seems to puff up and rest upon her head, and the ends of her robe appearing like little shrimps!

Yukine, Snow Miku's iconic rabbit companion, also gets a chef hat that looks like a muffin, a chefs outfit, and even a little ladle! With the wide variety of accessories, poses, and expressions, there's no limit to how you can decorate this year's charming and comfortable Snow Miku! Whether she's added to your collection, displayed on a shelf, or a decorative and inspirational companion in your kitchen for those cold winter nights, Nendoroid Snow Miku: Winter Delicacy Version is up for pre-order now until March 12th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of July 2024. Bon appétit

Written by Staff GSC

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