When out and about, it's always important to look your best, and nobody knows that better than two of our newest additions to the Nendoroid lineup: Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen!

This new take on two already fashionable characters is the best way to ring in the spring weather, looking fresh from head to toe. Gojo boasts his cool and charming attitude, with a sleek black suit, black tie, and classy dress shoes. Instead of his iconic blindfold, he sports sleek, dark-tinted glasses, and even comes with his own sign that can sit on his baseplate!

The other part of this dynamic duo, Suguru Geto, is dressed in a matching suit that's incredibly similar to that of Gojo, with the same baseplate as well to allow the two to be paired together seamlessly. His iconic laughing face also pairs brilliantly with any of Gojo's charming and expressive faceplates!

Different accessories and body parts are also included, so you're free to display either of them however you'd like. Gojo's glasses, for example, are removeable, so you can show off his striking blue eyes and captivating winking face to the fullest, giving it a simpler and forward appearance as well!

Geto also comes with a microphone, which can be seated on his baseplate just like Gojo's sign does. Posing him with his hands crossed together, you can create a scene as though he's speaking to a crowd at a show or addressing viewers, adding an additional layer of depth to both his character and this classy suit version!
With the matching suits and dynamic opposability of their hands and bodies, it's even more enticing showcasing the duo as they put on a show or perform together. The detail is also wonderful, such as Gojo's iconic white hair seeming to flow with each individual strand and his suit jacket flowing out ever so slightly.
Whether you decide to choose Suguru Geto or Satoru Gojo, or if you join this duo together and grab both, these new additions to the Nendoroid lineup are sure to boost your figure or Jujutsu Kaisen merchandise collection!

Both Suguru Geto: Suit Ver. and Satoru Gojo: Suit ver. are available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until May 15th, 2024! Their release date is scheduled for October 2024, so keep your collection looking crisp and pre-order them today!
Written by Staff GSC

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