Figure collectors all around the world know Good Smile Company for its vast amount of high-quality figures in many different sizes and shapes. From Nendoroid to scale figures, there’s a style and figure type for everyone–and you can see what's in store for yourself at WonHobby G!

Held right underneath Good Smile Company’s corporate headquarters in Akihabara, WonHobby G is an exclusive figure showcase for fans and hobbyists alike to come and see new and upcoming figures for themselves. Much like their booths at Wonder Festival, this event beautifully showcases everything from recently released figures to uncolored prototypes, and everything in between.

WonHobby G showcases all of Good Smile Company’s figures from themselves and affiliates, so figures from PHAT, Figma, Popup Parade, and many more highlighted products. Series new and old also got plenty of representation, such as the massive Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan The Final Season, Hitori Gotō from Bocchi the Rock, and even Shana from the classic anime Shakugan no Shana.

Miku has also seen many iterations through Good Smile Company figurines, with her iconic Snow Miku design releasing yearly, and with this year marking Hatsune Miku’s 16th-anniversary WonHobby G showcased a beautiful centerfold with upcoming celebratory Miku figures, prototypes, and exclusive artwork. The gorgeous display also highlighted three upcoming figures based on her 16th-anniversary artwork, as well as a small section dedicated to showing her appearance and design changes throughout the years.

Many other franchises in the Japanese pop-culture sphere were also heavily represented, with world-renowned V-Tuber group Holo-Live becoming a main attraction with their collection of goods and figures. With Figma’s 15th anniversary being this year as well, they had their own special anniversary diorama. The event isn’t restricted to just Japanese pop culture, either; just one example is a recently revealed, upcoming Bruce Lee Nendoroid!

And much like Wonder Festival, many previously unreleased and in-development figures were showcased. From full-scale figures based on illustrations to prototype statues without any paint at all, Good Smile Company and its partners made perfect use of the showroom’s space. Each wall in the venue was dedicated to either Good Smile’s own brands or affiliate companies’ work, with the Nendoroid wall taking up nearly an entire side. A different wall also gave fans a sneak preview into upcoming figures, and their newest “Hello, Good Smile!” series of collectible vinyl figures were lined up in a charming appearance of all that have been released so far.

Among the many figure companies displaying their new figures, many filled a wide variety of product types and niches. Max Factory, a company known for its large, detailed scale figures, showcased both upcoming figures and even a lineup of new build-it-yourself models. Good Smile also showcased products from its Nendoroid More and Nendoroid Doll series, putting a new twist on the cute, palm-sized charm behind the original namesake. Accessories for different figures also gave attendees a look into different ways to enjoy their figures, such as carrying cases, clothing options, fun accessories, and even displays.

Covering just about any anime or game franchise you can think of and so much more, WonHobby G brings another level of jaw-dropping figures to satisfied fans and collectors alike, Whether it be to see characters from the latest anime or to take a sneak peek into what's to come, the full-sized showroom went above and beyond delivering an incredible showcase, and we can’t wait what else Good Smile Company has in store for us this year!

Written by Staff GSC

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