Brace yourselves, monster hunters--to celebrate the Monster Hunter series' 20th anniversary, Good Smile Company and Capcom are releasing an all-new figure in the Figure Builder Creator's series: the mighty and devastating Alatreon!

Considered a walking natural disaster and symbol of destruction, this powerful dragon proves a serious challenge for even the most experienced hunters. Now, with this incredibly detailed figure, you can own a trophy of the legendary beast itself!

The dragon itself exudes power with its dynamic and confident stance, stepping upon flame-torn stone and raising it's powerful neck upwards and it's radiant, massive wings outstretched. The detail on the figure makes the Alatreon seem as though it came directly from the game into the real world, with a near uncountable number of individual scales that shine with the light facing outwards and in all directions.

The wings, scales, and spine of the Alatreon figure are also as gorgeous as they are powerful, with a gradient color blending brilliantly with the rest of the body. The careful detailing that went into the sculpting and painting is also breathtaking, giving the impression that the wings and scales that make up this beast are made of different materials.

The detail extends throughout the entire figure and of course, especially to the eyes, mouth, and horns. Every single tooth is crafted with master precision, and the powerful array of scales and spikes that make up the massive horns on its head are enough to intimidate even real-life fans.

With it's fiery volcanic rock and magma base, fans can display this iconic and legendary beast in their own home, the next best thing to seeing this terrifying force in person! Standing at approximately 335mm in height, the 20th anniversary Alatreon figure is available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until December 13th, 2023, with a scheduled release date of March 2024. Don't miss out on taking on this mighty dragon for yourself!

Written by Staff GSC

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