No adventure is complete without an adventuring party, and now, from the hit anime series Frieren: Beyond Journey's End comes two new Nendoroid figures to join the team: the legendary hero Himmel and the warrior Stark!

The legendary hero himself, Himmel, comes with his trusty sword and even a blue moonflower crown, looking as bold, confident, and valiant as he does in the show. His bright blue hair matches his sharp eyes and blue, heroic uniform perfectly, with the perfect amount of charm Nendoroid figures are known for!

Stark also features his bold and iconic red hues in full detail, from his striking hair color to his rugged and noble red warrior jacket. Both figures feature a number of iconic accessories to recreate your favorite scenes as well, such as his axe-like weapon, a jumbo berry special, and even the bracelet given to him by Fern!

Both figures are also incredibly customizable beyond just their accessories, with each including different expressions to display however you'd like! Himmel comes with his closed-eyes smiling face in addition to his standard smile, while Stark comes with his standard smiling face, plus a serious face and a crying face.

With a variety of hand parts, plenty of joints for opposability, and a wide range of accessory and expression combinations, both figures are perfect for displaying either by themselves, with other figures from the series (such as with Nendoroids Fern and Frieren!), or simply to recreate iconic scenes from the show!

Pre-orders for Nendoroid Himmel and Nendoroid Stark are available now through the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until July 17th, 2024, with release dates for both figures scheduled for November 2024. The bonuses don't stop there, though, as those who pre-order through the online shop will receive a bonus mirrored lotus ring and hand part for Himmel, and a ridiculously large hamburg steak and hand part for Stark! 

Go on your own journey with the cast of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End with these all-new figures of Himmel and Stark!

Written by Staff GSC

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