From the legendary franchise Xenoblade Chronicles comes a stunning, 1/7th scale figure of Mio, complete with her weapons and striking a pose that's as charming as she is! This gorgeous figure not only captures Mio's essence exactly as it appears in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, but it's also based on an original illustration by Masatsugu Saito, the character designer for the series!

The figure was given an incredible amount of care when it comes to the sculpting, especially on Mio's clothing and accessories! Paired with her rounded blades in each hand, every inch of the figure is painted and carefully sculpted in a way that creates the appearance of different materials, such as shimmering metal and reflective fabrics. Small, lifelike accessories are also all throughout, like little ribbons and metal plates!

Mio's adorable expression and slight smile are also immediately eye-catching, with the colors popping and blending between the streaks of red across her accessories and and soft shades of white and grey on her outfit and her hair. Careful sculpting also perfectly creates small ruffles, folds, and wrinkles to give the impression of movement in her pose.

Mio's Dual Moonblades are also a highlight of the figure, as she casually and smoothly dual wields them with elegance, grace, and a touch of power. The sharp blades are also elegantly decorated with a bright, white finish that pairs incredibly well with the gold and silver metals, shiningly just as brightly as the moon they're named after.

The figure also pays homage to her character and the game from which she originates with her multi-layered stand, one that features the Zephyr icon, the mark of her initial class. The bold and matte black and blue finish complements her color scheme perfectly, made even better with her slightly-elevated post as if she's moving forward or gently lifting off of the ground.

The Off-Seer of Agnus herself, Mio, is available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until June 5th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of May 2025. Whether she's displayed in a party of other Xenoblade Chronicles characters, on her own, or among any other figures in your collections, she's sure to steal the spotlight and enhance and space she's in!

Written by Staff GSC

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