Blink, and you might miss it--Joker from the critically acclaimed RPG Persona 5 arrives again after a long hiatus, in an incredibly detailed and poseable figma form! Just like in the games, figma Joker is armed with a variety of weapons and accessories for any occasion and environment!

Wearing his iconic black jacket and Phantom Thieves outfit, every piece of clothing worn by Joker is detailed beautifully to create the impression of flow and movement. From his wavy jacket to the folds in his clothes, you create incredibly dynamic scenes or even recreate your favorite scenes from the game!

Aside from accessories, figma Joker also comes with a variety of expressions, including an expressionless face, a smiling face and a suspicious grinning face. You can also display him with or without his mask, which is added with a separate hair piece for seamless swapping! You can display Joker with or without his mask regardless of the expression you choose, giving plenty of customizable freedom!

In Joker's arsenal of weapons and accessories, you can choose between a gun or a knife, giving fans the ability to recreate iconic scenes or just set Joker up ready for battle. Of course, a variety of hands are also included, so whether you choose to display him with or without his weapons, Joker can be set looking ready for action or flying into the scene.

And of course, it's not just Joker who's here, but Morgana as well! Morgana comes with his own stand so he can be displayed next to Joker as part of the Phantom Thieves, and comes with two separate faces: one classic smiling face, and another starry-eyed mischievous face. Whatever the two are up to, you can display them together or separately!

This is a re-run of the previously released figma Joker, so if you missed the previous runs, now's your chance to grab him before he's gone again! Pre-orders are up now until July 10th, 2024 on the Good Smile Europe Official Shop, with the release date estimated around November 2024. Don't miss your chance to snag this figure!

Written by Staff GSC

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