We were able to finally resolve the logistics and legal matters as previously announced; however, we estimate some continued delays from this announcement due to international logistic disruptions such as the trade route disruption around the Suez Canal which are causing shipping delays/ significantly longer transit times.

Your pre-orders that are released by May 2024 will be processed sequentially as follows:

  1. Released by September 2023* ― Already proceeded, now they are available in our inventory.
  2. Released by December 2023* ― You will receive a payment link via email within a couple of business days.
  3. Released by March 2024 ― Estimated in the last week of April.
  4. Released by April 2024 ― Estimated in the later half of May.

* Please note that some products that have been released in 2023 are not in batch A or B but in batch C for logistical reasons.

As described in the FAQ and in the payment link email, the deadline for payment is 2 weeks. After that date, we will return your pre-ordered items into our normal inventory and unlocked them, which means that any customer can purchase them.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but we consider that there will be a few continued chronic delays from the indicated release date until the international logistic disruptions are resolved.

Written by Staff GSC

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