Thrilling to open, fun to collect!

What is Nendoroid Surprise?

“Nendoroid Surprise” is approx. 70mm (3”) height figures, which provided in mystery box. It’s similar to Nendoroid’s cute styling, however it comes into more tiny and pretty and more collectable scaling. Each package contains a figure, a simple easel stand, and a “Surprise” small item.

Sizing of Nendoroid surprise


Figure Body


Surprise Items


Easel Stand

  • Sold as collectible, blind-box products.
  • One boxset includes every character figure in the set.
  • In the GOOD SMILE Europe Online Shop, you can purchase only as a boxset.
  • Every surprise item in a series cannot be collected with a single boxset. The combination of character figures and surprise parts is random.
  • Image for illustrative purposes. The actual product may differ.


Q: What are "surprise items"?
A: Surprise items are optional parts that can be displayed independently of the figures.
Q: How many kinds of surprise items are there?
A: Number of surprise items differs by series. Please check the respective product page.
Q: Are the character figures random?
A: Surprise parts are random. Each figure is sold in blind box packaging.
Q: Are the surprise parts random?
A: Surprise items are random.
Q: Will one boxset include every character figure?
A: One boxset includes every character figure in the set.
Q: Will one boxset include every surprise part?
A: One boxset does not include every surprise item in the set.
Q: Can character figure parts be used with other character figures?
A: It is not recommended since the figures are non-articulated. Head parts can be interchanged.
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