Get into your best dress clothes and prepare for an elegant night of sound and beauty: Schwi and Shiro from the series No Game No Life join the POP UP PARADE line of figures, this time in a larger size!

Both figures are dressed in an incredibly elegant, graceful dress, each matching their respective color schemes and personalities. Schwi, from No Game No Life The Movie: Zero, wears a stunning wine-red dress and elegant white gloves, while tightly holding a stack of sheet music. The color of her flowing dress also compliments her gradient hair, which flows out and around her shoulders much like her dress does with her body.

Shiro also joins the lineup, dressed in a breathtaking and attention-grabbing conductors dress adorned with frills and ribbons. Much like Schwi's, it matches her iconic multi-colored hair with its shine and gradience, and is complimented even further with her captivating necklace and conductor's cap. She wields a conductor's baton too, as if she's ready to start the concert at any moment.

Both of their expression's also capture their essence in the show, with a cute yet serious look. Both Schwi's and Shiro's eyes are complimented by the bright colors throughout their figures, and with the concert theming and appearance, adds to the seriousness and elegance of the atmosphere.

The beauty of both figures is only matched by their incredible attention to detail, which is especially highlighted by these figures' exclusive larger size. Shiro's gorgeous long hair flows outward as she stands forward ready to deliver a performance, with the gradient of her hair color blending together seamlessly and flowing independently with the ends curling as well.

Schwi's hair is similar, mostly flowing downward while also adding to the charm of her slightly shy stance and lifted heel of her fluffy-looking boots. Her long dress is also incredibly fashionable, with a slight curve to one side as her wires flow around her legs.

Both of these elegant figures are dressed their best and ready to deliver a magical symphony just for you! Both POP UP PARADE Schwi L Size and POP UP PARADE Shiro L Size are available for pre-order now until January 17th, 2024, with a planned release date of June 2024. It's music to our ears!

Written by Staff GSC

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