Figure fans from all across the globe gathered in Akihabara, the anime mecca of Japan and the world, this weekend for an exclusive showcase right in Good Smile Company’s headquarters: WonHobby G 2023 Winter! Renowned for its extensive collection of top-notch figures spanning various sizes and styles, the exclusive showroom opened up to fans to showcase a plethora of not just scale figures, but goods, unreleased figures, and everything Good Smile Company and its partners have to offer!

Spanning over the course of a weekend, WonHobby G serves as a unique platform for enthusiasts and fans to explore the latest and upcoming figures. Similar to their presence at Wonder Festival, this event meticulously displays everything from recently launched figures to unpainted prototypes and everything in between. Nendoroids, scale figures, articulate figures, and even smaller collectibles like the Huggy series and new Hello Good Smile series also had a huge presence, ensuring something for every fan!

WonHobby G features an array of figures not only from Good Smile Company but also from its affiliates like PHAT, Figma, POP UP PARADE, and other highlighted products. Both new and classic series receive ample representation, including the Armored and Attack Titans from Attack on Titan The Final Season in special finale-celebrating figures, to Hitori Gotō from Bocchi the Rock, and a whole host of new figures released in popular series like JuJutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer.

Miku enthusiasts were treated to various iterations through Good Smile Company figurines, and these figures extend beyond just scale figures. WonHobby G showcased not only gorgeous and newly unveiled Miku scale figures, such as her in a gorgeous traditional kimono, but a wide variety of other figures, like the collaborative Miku x Cinnamoroll Nendoroid and the Miku Huggy! This year also saw the showcase of highly detailed and expertly crafted techwear inspired by Hatsune Miku herself, including robotic-like hairclips, bracelets, caps, masks, and even an actual Miku inspired megaphone! A massive statue of the Hatsune Miku Hello Good Smile figure also greeted fans at the entrance to the showroom.

The event wasn't limited to just Japanese pop culture, as games, movies, and all branches of pop-culture were represented at WonHobby G as well! Popular indie games like Omori saw the release of more Nendoroids, while the well-organized wall near the showrooms entrance highlighted upcoming figures with plenty of characters to look forward to. Other series like Dark Souls also got a range of different figures fans can add to their collection, like Alexander the pot!

As is tradition, WonHobby G also presented a plethora of unreleased and in-development figures, giving followers of the industry a look at whats to come. Ranging from full-scale figures based on illustrations to unpainted prototype statues, Good Smile Company and its partners maximized the showroom's space. Each wall in the venue was dedicated to either Good Smile's own brands or the impressive work of affiliate companies. The Nendoroid wall, in particular, dominated nearly an entire side. Another wall provided fans with a sneak preview of upcoming figures, while the "Hello, Good Smile!" series of collectible vinyl figures were elegantly lined up, showcasing all released figures to date and even brought a Hello Good Smile vending machine for fans to pick one up for themselves in a fun and interactive way.

Spanning across anime and gaming franchises, WonHobby G 2023 Winter delivered an unparalleled showcase of jaw-dropping figures, leaving fans and collectors thoroughly satisfied as they do every year. Whether you're eager to see characters from the latest anime or get a sneak peek into the future, the expansive showroom exceeded expectations and allowed fans and collectors alike to dive into the hobby in an amazing way. Anticipation is high for what else Good Smile Company has in store next!

Written by Staff GSC

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