Winter might be cold, but things are looking hot in the world of figures--especially at this year's Wonderful Hobby Life For You, held at Wonder Festival 2024 Winter in Chiba prefecture's Makuhari Messe event hall! This year, the Good Smile Company team went all-out with a massive booth packed with plenty of figures, special surprises, and even a major stage show with a myriad of performances! 

Every aspect of the universally beloved Good Smile Company brand was out in full-force, with representation from each of their brands and partners taking center stage. Whether you're looking for Figma, the poseable action figures you can display however you'd like, scale figures to adorn your collection, or Max Factory kits to build yourself, both previously announced and yet unreleased figures from all sides were up for display!

Figures in the Nendoroid series, Good Smile Company's adorable and ultra-collectible chibi brand, had a massive dedicated wall filled with new and proto-type products as well! The wall accented the enormous booth beautifully with a celebration of just about every kind of pop-culture you can think of, with characters from games, anime, TV, and even film coming together for the viewing pleasure of figure fans and convention attendees. Small nooks and crannies were even hidden around the booth, which visitors could open to find a hidden Nendoroid scene!

Figures representing all kinds of series were showcased as well, so fans could find their favorite piece of media and see their favorite characters up-close and in all forms of figure that Good Smile Company and their partners have to offer. Among these, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the latest installment in Nintendo's iconic series, saw Link and Ganondorf in Figma form, with a Princess Zelda previewed for an upcoming release, and fans of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series could see Jotaru Kujo and Dio as POP UP PARADE figures!


And what winter festival is complete without the iconic Snow Miku? This year, Good Smile Company went all out to showcase the yearly release of the winter-embracing Vocaloid star and her history, with an entire wall dedicated to Snow Miku designs throughout the years. This year's design was showcased in person as well: Snow Miku: Winter Delicacy Version, with a Nendoroid version and a prototype Figma version shown off in person. Attendees could also pre-order the Nendoroid at the event, with a 2024 calendar given out featuring the new Winter Miku design on the cover!

Good Smile Racing also had its own custom itasha at the event as well, decorated from top to bottom in Good Smile Racing decals and motfis that fans could take pictures alongside as well! Just next door to the booth was also a massive stage, where attendees and crowds could gather to watch livestreams and music performances throughout the day, giving attendees an entirely new way to dive into Good Smile Company's love of figures and pop-culture through a whole range of mediums!

From new releases to upcoming designs and a spectacular display of figures, art, and decorations, Good Smile Company's Wonderful Hobby Life for You this year was a true celebration of pop-culture, collectibles, and lifestyle! From a massive booth highlighting all of Good Smile Company's brands, products, and partners and their history to interactive displays and fun, engaging events, figure fans could enjoy the ultimate in figure collecting all in the space of the booth. Until next time's Wonderful Hobby Life for You!

Written by Staff GSC

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