Whether he's in the skies above Hyrule or in the great depths below the surface, you can be sure that Link is well-equipped to handle any adventure that may come his way--and now you can too, with figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom version, in both standard and DX versions!

Both versions showcase Link the way he appears in the newest game in the Legend of Zelda franchise, heroically equipped and ready to save the day. He dawns his long hair and memorable blue cloak, and with the poseability that figma figures are known for.

The standard Link figma comes with the Master Sword and its sheath, two interchangeable face plates (highlighting a smiling face and a shouting face in addition to his neutral expression), the Hylian shield, a small cloak, and several different hand pieces for a wide range of dynamic poses.

The DX version, on the other hand, comes with everything listed above, plus much more to recreate iconic pieces of gameplay! In addition to the other parts mentioned, the DX version also includes Link's glider, another shield, a fused stick with a boulder, a construct bow, an arrow, a construct rocket taking off, and a portal for re-creating Link's Ascend ability!

Both figures offer an immense range of options when it comes to posing and displaying Link, and the detail on the figure is also absolutely breathtaking. The designs and difference in color and painting techniques across his various pieces of clothing, armor, and accessories make them appear as if different materials were used, and his fierce gaze and looks capture his in-game appearance perfectly!

The posing options get even more expressive and widened with the DX version and included parts, such as allowing Link to soar over Hyrule in his glider, take off with his rocket fused to his shield, or simply popping out of wherever you'd like with the Ascend portal part! Small attention to detail is also included, such as the battery pack on his hip and the bushel of arrows on his back.

The faithfulness to the game and fun, dynamic poses are made even better with the additional effects that can be coupled with the variety of accessories, such as the translucent green flames and aura around rocket and portal pieces, and a range of options with the different shields and weapons to choose from! 

Whether you want a more refined, statue-like experience from your Link figma or if you'd like to display it as if it were in the middle of an intense, in-game battle, you can be sure this figma is well-suited for any way you choose to display!

Both figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom ver. and figma Link: Tears of the Kingdom ver. DX Edition are available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until May 29th, 2024, with a planned release date of February 2025. Let the adventure begin!

Written by Staff GSC

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