From the sea to the shore, everyone's favorite livestreaming orca Shylily is here to join your figure collection, and this time she's in an all-new adorable form, joining the Nendoroid series of figures!

This faithful rendition of the orca VTuber is as adorable as it is breathtaking, with bright colors immediately catching any collectors eyes and making for the perfect small-scale rendition of the iconic streamer. Her bright blue sailor outfit matches her hair and eye color perfectly, with her bright and cheery expression showcasing her sharp fangs!

The cuteness gets even more extreme, however, with a range of options, accessories, and interchangeable parts giving you the ability to choose how you display her! In addition to her standard smiling expression, she also comes with a bright closed-eye smile, as well as a lovestruck face that's great for a more intimate display!

Her iconic orca hat is also removable, which allows you to show off her charming heart-shaped strand of hair at the top of her head, which makes her lovestruck face even more endearing. In addition to the bright and expressive faceplates she comes with, small details are present throughout the entire Nendoroid, such as her faint blue markings and even small buckles, belts, and wraps across her uniform!

Collectors are free to display her however they'd like, with great opposability that Nendoroid figures are known for giving you full control of the placement of her arms, legs, head, and more! Her long hair also flows behind her, adding another dimension of detail, and even her cute orca tail included as well. The colors all blend together perfectly, regardless of her expression or pose!

This adorable rendition of Shylily is available for pre-order now from the Good Smile Europe Online Shop, but only until April 24th, 2024, so fans will want to place their orders as soon as possible! In addition, orders placed online will get an exclusive round baseplate featuring an image of her signature and her iconic, "womp womp" catchphrase!

Don't miss out, jump on in and grab a Shylily for yourself! 

Written by Staff GSC

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