Samurai Champloo is a classic, universally beloved series that’s reached cult classic levels of recognition since its initial release in 2004. Featuring an iconic soundtrack, captivating historical Japanese setting, and smooth, memorable animation, the series garnered many fans but an unfortunate lack of goods and figures. That is, until now!


From POP UP PARADE comes three large-sized figures of the three protagonists Jin, Mugen, and Fuu! This exciting release is also the first time all three characters receive figures at the same time! Fans of the series can display them together, even after nearly 20 years since the series first aired!

The Mugen figure showcases the samurai in his iconic squatting pose, with his head arched up and a fierce gaze in his eyes. The detail on the figure is incredible, with his clothes draped over his body with the folds visible, and even the detail on his collarbone. His traditional Edo-period shoes also make for a great base, allowing him to squat anywhere.

His outfit and sword are also loyal to the show, and look absolutely stunning in figure form. The gold-accented paint on the sheath of his sword in addition to the gold rings on the rope attached to it seem like they could’ve been made from real metal, and only add to the stunning care put into the character’s smaller details. Even his sharp downward frown on his face gives off a raw emotion not often seen in figures!

Jin is also remarkable in the level of detail put into his sculpting, with the flow of his samurai robe showcased perfectly with the folds and movement throughout. He stands with a firm, serious expression, and just like in the show keeps his arms in his robe, the shape of which can also be seen on his clothing.

His sword and belt hang freely and naturally as well, and the figure encapsulates him in a way that shows him moving forward as if captured in time. Wearing his own pair of traditional sandals, his stride-like pose captures his personality and nature just like his expression does!

Last but not least, cheerful Fuu is present too, with a glowing expression and a fun, dynamic pose! She wears her own flowery robe and seems to be leaping into the air, her ribbon and robe flowing with the movement. She has her iconic charming smile and overall lively demeanor, which might seem like it contrasts the other two but just like in the show, adds a new volume to the group’s dynamic!

Even though its initial release was almost 20 years ago, Samurai Champloo has garnered the reputation of being a must-watch for anime fans everywhere! With the three of these iconic characters finally together in figure form, fans won’t want to miss the opportunity to display them together! Pre-orders are up now until September 20th, 2023, with a scheduled release date of February 2024!

You can pre-order Mugen here, Jin here, and Fuu here!

Written by Staff GSC

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