Grab your carrots and spring into action: Hololive 3rd Generation VTuber Usada Pekora gets her own all-new figure from FREEing, this time at 1/4th scale!

This adorable bunny girl is captured brilliantly in her comfy and iconic outfit, complete with ribbons, accessories, and even carrots throughout! She's sculpted in a shy yet charming pose that seems to showcase her leaping gently into the air, with her braided hair flowing gently to the side and a surprised expression on her face.

The attention to detail throughout is incredibly breathtaking, especially with its large-sized 1/4th scale. Her various accessories are all crafted exactly as they appear on the VTuber herself, with little bunny faces across parts of her outfit and even realistic netted leggings. Even the ends of her coat and gloves seem like they could actually be fluffy to the touch!

The coloring across the figure is also outstanding, really capturing her white and blue aesthetic with the splash of color from the carrots popping brilliantly. Individual stands can be seen in her braided hair, and the combination of the white and blue in her hair also blends together incredibly well, as if it's really her hair used in the figure!

The detail extends to the back of her outfit as well, with her fluffy white tail poking out from her iconic dress. Her revealed back is also sculpted in a way that really highlights her skin, with the sculpting capturing the curves of her back and arms in such a way that shows it's hugged perfectly by her outfit. Her hair and the way each section flows in different directions is also highlighted from the back!

The small accessories, ribbons, and lace that accentuate her outfit also seem to flow with her movement, an attention to the sculpting that adds even more of a dynamic feel to the figure as a whole. Her cute carrots are also interwoven into her hair, and her iconic bunny ears poking up and out!

Her bundled, cozy look is perfect for adding that touch of wintery aesthetic to any collection, and whether she's displayed by herself or with other figures in the Hololive universe, you can be sure she'll pair perfectly wherever she's displayed and catch anybody's eyes with her adorable look and larger scale!

The adorable VTuber bunny Usada Pekora by FREEing is available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until March 6th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of August 2024. Hop to it and be sure to add this charming bunny to your collection!

Written by Staff GSC

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