From the legendary, award-winning video game Nier: Automata by Square Enix comes not one, but two all-new figures of 2B and 9S in the POP UP PARADE series! These two androids have been long awaited in the POP UP PARADE universe, and fans can finally add them to their collections!

Both figures are beautifully displayed and crafted in eye-catching, dynamic poses as if they were just pulled from the game itself. 9S is shown drawing his sword, stepping forward in his iconic black outfit, with a beautiful gold finish on the sword and accessories across his outfit.

2B is also posed in a dynamic stance, with her long legs spread outwards while she looks over her shoulder with her sword in hand. Her dress and hair flow outwards as well, sculpted in a way that makes it appear as if a breeze is blowing from in front of her. The detail on her clothing is also incredibly sculpted, with individual folds and ruffles throughout!

This attention to detail is present on 9S as well, with a wide variety of folds, buckles, accessories, and clothing designs that stand out immediately. Additionally, the fabric design on the end of 9S' coat and the golden accents of the buckles and sword compliment the black color scheme perfectly, in addition to his iconic white hair and blindfold.

The blades both of them wield are also formidable and powerful, with sculpting on the hilt, scabbard, and blade all giving the appearance of an actual weapon with the same strength as in the series. Differences in painting across both figures also create the impression of different fabrics, such as the translucent parts of 2B's outfit, leggings, and chest area!

Both figures are about 17cm and 18cm in height respectfully, and their tight blindfolds still showcase their slight smiles and expressions perfectly. The rope on the ends of their blades also seems to flow just like their clothing, and whether you pair them together or separately, they're sure to stand out wherever and however they're displayed!

Whether you display them with other figures in the Nier: Automata franchise or simply display them on their own, you can be certain this iconic android duo will revolutionize your figure collection or living space. Both POP UP PARADE 2B and POP UP PARADE 9S are available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until July 10th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of November 2024. Ring in the future and pre-order both today!

Written by Staff GSC

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