From NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD comes an all-new POP UP PARADE figure of everyone's favorite up-and-coming streamer, OMGKawaiiAngel! That's not all, though: this figure is being released in an even bigger L size!

With her characteristic charm and charisma, OMGKawaiiAngel is sculpted doing her iconic peace sign while winking at the camera with a big smile. Her soft, pastel, and colorful outfit immediately pops, and is sure to catch anybody's eye wherever she's displayed! 

Her signature outfit is also on full display, with the soft colors present from her hoodie to her socks and even her accessories, like her soft lavender bag and pink ribbons. Her hair is also captured brilliantly, with her iconic twirling blue-and-pink twintails appearing translucent and complementing the soft, matte coloring of the rest of the figure!

The attention to detail extends to all of her many accessories, which is apparent from the keychains on her bad, the ribbons all over her hair, and even the smaller aspects like the colorful mark on her thigh and her various zipper tags, pins, and her shiny silver choker. Her hair is also painted as a gradient from blonde to a soft purple, just like the real OMGKawaiiAngel!

You get the full scale figure-like experience with this larger version of OMGKawaiiAngel too, standing at an approximate height of 22 centimeters tall! With the increased size the careful details and masterful sculpting are also more apparent, with the folds and flow of her outfit, skirt, hair, and more making it seem like she's really being moved!

This L Size version of POP UP PARADE OMGKawaiiAngel is available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until July 17th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of November 2024. She also comes with a bonus, and everyone who pre-orders through the online shop will receive a bonus :( Cat: Sorry Ver. accessory! This adorable and charming figure is sure to brighten up any collection, so what are you waiting for? Welcome OMGKawaiiAngel onto your next stream!

Written by Staff GSC

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