Much like her colder, more wintery Snow Miku persona, Racing Miku also graces the figure world with a different design and themes every year to represent the world of Good Smile Racing, and this year is no different, with Racing Miku 2024 as a magical, witchy icon!

The official character of the 2024 Hatsune Miku GT Project, this year's stunning Racing Miku design was created by illustrator Mogumo! The sleek, cool design gives Miku a stellar, futuristic hat and with outfit, featuring a sharp white throughout and a bright pink undertone with plenty of star shapes as well.

This Nendoroid also captures Miku's iconic flair and charm, with bright blue eys matching the gradient blue twin tails that she's known for. She also comes with a variety of replaceable parts and faceplates, such as an open mouth smile and a grin.

Of course, no race queen is complete without her vehicle, and thankfully, Racing Miku 2024 comes with two: a futuristic white witches broom for magical travel, as well as her own race car, adorned with Good Smile Racing motifs and assorted decals so she can drive in style!

Her broomstick also doubles as a microphone, which is signature to the virtual idol, so she can hold it outwards as she prepares to enchant the crowd with a spell of music! Different hands, legs, and stands are included so collectors can display Miku in a wide variety of poses and scenes.

Her hat and scarf are also removeable, so you can create and display Miku with her full witchy look or with her more simple appearance reminiscent of past Racing Miku designs. Whatever you choose, this year's Racing Miku is sure to reach the finish line of your heart! 

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2024 is available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Online Shop until June 12th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of October 2024. Speed on over and place your pre-order before it leaves you in the dust!

Written by Staff GSC

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