In the ever-expanding universe of My Hero Academia collectibles, Good Smile Company has once again seized the spotlight with their latest masterpiece – with an all-new Izuku Midoriya as Deku scale figure!

The craftsmanship is impeccable, with intricate detailing that brings the character to life. From the determined expression on Deku's face to the carefully sculpted costume, every aspect reflects the passion and dedication of the artisans behind this collectible. Even the incredible base adds to the intense power and atmosphere of the figure, appearing as though it was truly pulled out of a scene from the anime.

The figure's build is sturdy and well-balanced, ensuring it stands securely in its dynamic pose. The attention to small details, such as the texture of Deku's suit and the dynamic flow of his hair and outfit away from the force of his attack, adds depth and authenticity to the overall design. The incredible surge of energy all around the figure also perfectly emphasizes his One-For-All quirk, highlighting its use in the series and molding around the base and props to further show off its power.

The coloring of the figure is nothing short of breathtaking as well. Each shade is carefully chosen to replicate the vibrant hues of Deku's hero costume, capturing the essence of the anime with striking accuracy. The "SMASH" text, rendered in three dimensions, adds a dynamic visual element, giving the impression that Deku is leaping into action right before your eyes from a comic.

What truly sets this figure apart is the inclusion of an additional head piece, allowing collectors to switch between two distinct expressions. Whether it's the determined focus of a hero in action or the dire and desperate emotional look of a struggling hero trying to save many, fans can display Deku in whichever expression they deem fit.

The carefully engineered stance allows for a sense of movement, conveying the kinetic energy of Deku's signature attacks, and coupled with the bright and iconic textures and colors of Deku as a whole, it brilliantly captures everyone's favorite rising hero in the midst of battle. Whether he is displayed on his own or with other figures in the My Hero Academia series, fans and collectors alike can be certain this figure will become an eye-catching piece.

Deku swings into action and is available for pre-order through the Good Smile Europe Online Shop now until February 7th, 2024, with an expected release date of July 2024. This 1/7th scale figure is one fans won't want to miss, so be sure to grab him before he's gone!

Written by Staff GSC

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