With the power of the spirals, a new figure arrives in the POP UP PARADE lineup: Nia Tepplin, from the cult-classic anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!

This colorful figure captures Nia's colorful, cheerful, and optimistic personality perfectly, with a charming pose showcasing her running forward. One hand sways elegantly behind her, while the other pushes her long, dual-colored hair behind her ear.

The detail across the figure is also incredibly elegant and captivating, with her various accessories painted in a way that give them the appearance of being crafted from different materials, like her metal accessories or her cloud-like hair. Her hair also seems to flow behind her, and when paired with her swaying necktie and skirt, seems like she's being moved by a slight breeze!

The artistry and attention to detail when it comes to Nia's unique hair can be seen especially well from the back, with the two colors woven together intricately in the same way it's seen in the series. The colors also compliment and contrast each other perfectly, with the pastel and soft tones of her skin and outfit perfectly blending with her bright and colorful hair, shoes, accessories, and even eyes!

It doesn't end there, however--in certain markets, fans can also choose to pick up Nia in her iconic short-hair look! This alternate figure not only showcases her with shorter hair, but also changes her facial expression to show an adorable and charming wink!

Both the long-haired version and short-haired version of  POP UP PARADE Nia Tepplin are available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until February 21st, 2024, with a scheduled release date of June 2024. Pierce the heavens of your figure collection with these two adorable figures of Nia!

Written by Staff GSC

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