Watch your back when you swim, because you never know what may be lurking underneath...that is, except for today, with Nendoroid Jaws hitting the Good Smile Online Shop sea for fans and collectors alike!

This adorable and terrifying rendition of the iconic film creature is instantly recognizable, and features a wide variety of accessories and the ability to be posed to recreate scenes from the film, or make your own with figures from your collection! A backdrop modeled after the iconic movie poster is also included, so fans can display it in 3D!

The coloring across the Nendoroid is also incredible, in addition to the detail in both its sculpting and its painting. The bold colors of the grey and the red on the inside of Jaws' mouth are immediately eye-popping, and small details like its gills and the leathery appearance of its skin resemble that of an actual shark.

Back flippers are there to allow for Jaws to stand up and support itself, and it's intimidating fins and tail also blend perfectly into its body. Jaws' deep, black eyes are also enough to strike fear into the hearts of those around it just like in the film, but are also adorable in the way only Nendoroid figures can be!

In addition to the film poster backdrop, Nendoroid Jaws also comes with a movie poster base, a splash effect to create the illusion of Jaws leaping from the sea, and a scuba tank that can be placed in Jaws' mouth to recreate iconic scenes from the film! Whether you decided to display Jaws alone or add your own figures to the film's cast, the poseability and customization options mean that the sky is the limit!

Nendoroid Jaws is swimming into the Good Smile Europe Online Shop and is available for pre-order now until April 24th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of September 2024 (just in time for the swimming season to be over). Don't miss your chance to bring the film to life with this one-of-a-kind addition to the growing line-up of Nendoroid figures!

Written by Staff GSC

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