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Nendoroid Snow Miku: Winter Delicacy Ver.

POP UP PARADE Kagamine Rin: BRING IT ON Ver. L Size

POP UP PARADE Kagamine Len: BRING IT ON Ver. L Size

POP UP PARADE Anya Forger: On an Outing Ver.


HELLO! GOOD SMILE Killua Zoldyck/Killua Zaoldyeck

Chibi Figure bilibili 2024 Anniversary 2233: Yun Chi Yue Chun Ver.

POP UP PARADE Kei Karuizawa

PLAMAX MF-39 minimum factory Burney: Makeup Edition (re-run)

PLAMAX MF-44 minimum factory Colletta: Makeup Edition (re-run)

POP UP PARADE Sousuke Shima

POP UP PARADE Mitsumi Iwakura

POP UP PARADE Mitsumi Iwakura & Sousuke Shima

TENITOL Yumekawa Maid Ram

TENITOL Yumekawa Maid Rem

TENITOL Yumekawa Maid Rem & Ram: Set With Bonus

Archer/Sei Shonagon

Nendoroid Bob

Nendoroid Yusei Shirosaki

Nendoroid Valkyrie

Nendoroid Hinata Hoshino(re-run)

Nendoroid Ranpo Edogawa

Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei 2.0(3rd-run)

Nendoroid Ai

Nendoroid Sunraku

Nendoroid Gendo Ikari

Nendoroid Asuka Shikinami Langley: Plugsuit Ver.(re-run)

Hyper Body Modernia

Kurisu Makise: Wedding Dress Ver.

Nendoroid Mari Makinami Illustrious: Plugsuit Ver.(re-run)

Nendoroid Komichi Akebi

Nendoroid Hitori Gotoh(re-run)

Nendoroid Rei Ayanami (tentative name): Plugsuit Ver.(re-run)

Nendoroid Kent

Nendoroid More SEELE Acrylic Stand

Nendoroid More SEELE Acrylic Stand Set

ARMS NOTE Swim Team Bucho-chan and Kohai-chan Set

ARMS NOTE Swim Team Bucho-chan

ARMS NOTE Swim Team Kohai-chan

Arcueid Brunestud ~Dresscode: Clad in Glaciers~

Hatsune Miku Yue Xi Jiang Figure

Sakuya Kozuka

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