From the massively popular studio Trigger anime based off the the hit game Cyberpunk 2077 comes not one, not two, but three all-new figures in the POP UP PARADE series: David, Lucy, and Rebecca!

Just like the expressive, colorful style of animation Studio Trigger is known for, these three iconic protagonists from the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime are sculpted with color and personality that reflects the style fans of the show have come to love it for.

First we have David Martinez in his serious, confident pose, pistol in hand with a stern and determined look on his face. His iconic jacket and stance also mirror his personality in the show, especially with his character development changing him from an aloof student to a serious Edgerunner.

The detail on the figures is also incredible, with the jacket and clothing showing off the folds and movement the dynamic pose reflects. The bright and eye-catching colors are sure to grab anyone's attention as well, no matter how they're displayed.

But no David is complete without his Lucy, and thankfully, fans get both! Just like his dynamic pose, Lucy stands in an elegant yet cool stance with one hand on her waist and another in the air, with a smug and confident look that fits the Net Runner's commanding and graceful personality.

She holds a small cigarette in her hand and, just like with the other figures in the series, her eye-popping colors extend even to her multi-colored bob-cut hair and the texture garnering attention even on her clothing as if it's really made of different materials.

And last but not least, the rowdy and charming Rebecca also makes her POP UP PARADE debut! Her pose is incredibly expressive in its display and appearance, holding out her two pistols while she gazes forward and even has her mouth open as if she's in the middle of shouting at her target.

With the three characters' poses showing off their own individual, unique personalities, they're perfectly displayed either alongside one another or on their own in any collection!

All three are available for pre-order on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop now until November 22nd, 2023, with a planned release date of June 2024. So what are ya waiting for, choom? Don't miss your chance to add a bit of Night City to your collection!

Written by Staff GSC

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