Good Smile Company continues to amaze the world of collectibles with its latest addition to the POP UP PARADE series: Tracer, from Blizzard's massive team-based shooter Overwatch! Capturing the essence of this beloved character with incredible detail and dynamic action, this figure has the potential to become the centerpiece of any team--that is, any collection!

The attention to detail on her iconic Pulse Pistols is especially noteworthy, down to the tiny Overwatch logos. Her chronal accelerator, the centerpiece of her character design, is beautifully recreated as well, sticking from her chest with coloring that almost makes it appear as if it lights up.

Smaller details like the intricacies of her goggles and the faithful rendering of her harness that make this figure truly shine, and even textural differences across her outfit further highlight this. The level of detail on the paintwork, such as the vibrant orange and white hues, adds to the authenticity of Tracer's appearance.

What truly sets this Tracer figure apart is her dynamic pose. The figure captures the essence of Tracer's Blink ability, placing her pose in a way that makes it look like she's in the middle of battle. With one leg raised and her Pulse Pistols pointed to the side, she exudes a sense of motion and anticipation. It's as if she's in the midst of a thrilling match and ready to dash into action. This pose not only adds a layer of excitement to the figure, but also reflects the core attributes of Tracer's character and abilities.

This incredible pose also enhances the illusion of Tracer mid-Blink, giving the impression that she's suspended in time for a fraction of a second, just before her next move. The exceptional quality, intricate detailing, and dynamic pose, it really makes Tracer feel like she was pulled directly from the world of Overwatch!

Whether you're a dedicated Overwatch player, a Tracer main, or simply appreciate dynamic figures, the Tracer POP UP PARADE figure is a standout addition to any collection alongside any figure. Assemble your team and be sure to pre-order her, but remember, she disappears on December 6th, 2023. Don't blink--grab her before she's gone!

Written by Staff GSC

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