From Good Smile Arts Shanghai comes a 1/7th scale figure of iconic Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, dressed in an elegant and regal Chinese dress while gracefully playing a traditional Chinese instrument, the pipa.

This extraordinary figure is absolutely breathtaking in every aspect, from the brilliant and dynamic pose Miku gracefully shows off to the detailed, multi-layered parts of the figure that accentuate the figure from the base to her surroundings.

The way Miku glances back is regal and elegant, with her sharp eyes glancing over her shoulder as she raises the pipa into the air and plays it with both of her hands. The precision in the sculpting is also incredibly noteworthy, with every single part of the figure complimenting the other and has a dynamic sense of storytelling coming forth from each of these parts: Miku's flowing hair, the birds lifting the strings around her, the flames burning at her feet, every part tells a single story.

Miku's outfit in this figure, a traditional Chinese gown, is also semi-translucent and blends with Miku's body perfectly, even taking the appearance of wet cloth. Various accessories adorn her body as well, from the beautiful, high-quality and elegant flower pins in her hair to the black frills of her dress against the rock, waterfall base.


The coloring pops throughout the entire figure as well, with colors brilliantly blending together to create the appearance of different textures, materials, and even movement. The string carried by the black birds gives off a reddish orange gradient that gives the appearance of being made of flames and smoke, while Miku's translucent dress and matte, flowing hair contrast each other perfectly. The rock base and flowing waterfall within also seem like they could truly have been taken directly from nature.

The elegance extends to Miku's expression and demeanor as well, with her eyes matching the color scheme of the rest of her outfit, and a powerful sharp expression that could catch anybody's attention. The pipa itself is also adorned in traditional art the way one would in real life, with a lacquer-like appearance and traditional white and red flowers artfully painted across it. Gold lines her accessories as  well, adding to the high-class and noble atmosphere of the figure. 

This stunning, elegant interpretation of Miku is based off of an illustration by illustrator Rei, and those pre-ordering will also receive an exclusive wall scroll featuring the original illustration. Pre-orders are open now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop until March 27th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of December 2024. 

Written by Staff GSC

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