When it comes to the world of figures, few characters are as iconic as Hatsune Miku. Her Vocaloid persona and timeless design have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Now, brace yourselves for an extraordinary addition to your collection – the Bunny Girl Hatsune Miku figure from FREEing, based on a design by illustrator SanMuYYB!

This stunning ¼ scale figure of Miku features her in a charming and fancy bunny girl outfit, with incredible attention to detail. One of the standout features of this figure is Miku's delicate hair. Crafted from translucent materials, her long twin-tails cascade down her back, capturing a lifelike sense of movement and flow. The translucent effect beautifully catches and diffuses light, and adds further intricacy to her design.

The Bunny Girl Hatsune Miku figure boasts a lustrous outfit that gleams with a glossy finish, capturing the essence of the bunny girl attire. The meticulous detailing on the outfit, from the collar to the snug fit, adds an extra layer to this breathtaking design, and her black and white outfit matches perfectly against her blue hair, complete even with a puffy bunny tail.

Miku's pose is also incredibly charming, featuring her kneeling with one hand gracefully running through her long hair. Her hair flows along her body, giving a sense of elegance and fluidity to the figure, and different textures between her clothing and body accentuate Miku's gracefulness.

The figure takes into account important pieces of clothing as well, and even utilizes real net tights. Paired with the glossiness of her stockings, bowtie, and long boots, the outfit looks as if it’s a real bunny girl costume.

The Bunny Girl Hatsune Miku by FREEing captures SanMuYYB’s breathtaking design and brings it to life. Its outstanding quality, intricate detailing, and captivating pose make it a must-have for any Hatsune Miku fan and collectors alike. The translucent hair, lustrous outfit, real net tights, and enchanting pose combine to create a figure that is both elegant and alluring, and adds a fancy and graceful touch to any collection. Pre-orders for Bunny Girl Hatsune Miku are up now until October 18th, 2023, with an expected release date of July 2024. Don't miss your chance to bring this extraordinary piece of art into your world!

Written by Staff GSC

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