The air is turning crisp, the weather is warming up, and the flowers are beginning to bloom--and what better way to ring in the spring than with cherry blossoms! Hanami, a springtime tradition in Japan, involves enjoying the cherry blossoms as they bloom across Japan with friends and family, and now, Sakura Miku herself is ready to enjoy the flowers!

This adorable and highly-fashionable 1/6th scale rendition of Sakura Miku is based on a design by popular illustrator Rella and features a soft white-and-pink color palette covered head-to-toe in sakura motifs! Her long, iconic twin tails look as if they could be long, fluttering sakura petals themselves, with beautiful translucent material used to create an incredible elegant gradient.

The dynamic posing of the figure adds the illusion that a large, gentle gust of wind is flowing again Miku, much like is frequently seen during sakura season gracefully blowing the cherry blossom petals all over. Along with her twin tails, she's wearing a large, gorgeous pink bow and soft, pastel pink and white outfit that flows as well, including a fashionable white jacket with a plaid pattern underneath over her shoulders.

As she's incredibly fashionable, this version of Sakura Miku is also adorned with small, detailed accessories throughout! Her adorable cherry blossom purse, in addition to her hairclips, are adorned with cherries and little bows, while her socks and shoes frill outwards like blooming sakura flowers. The cuffs of her jacket also bloom outwards to match the flowering motifs!

Miku's adorable and innocent expression shows her excitement for the cherry blossom season in this elegant, charming, and incredibly fashionable iteration of Sakura Miku! From her gently flowing hair to her sakura-themed Hanami outfit, she's the perfect companion for any collection this cherry blossom season. She's available for pre-order now on the Good Smile Europe Online Shop now until April 17th, 2024, with a scheduled release date of January 2025. Like the fleeting sakura season itself, she'll be gone soon, so don't miss out!

Written by Staff GSC

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